Habersham County Veterans Wall of Honor

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.   Q: I submitted my name and documentation and do not see it on the wall.  Why? A: We have only had the money to place one wall at a time with 1608 names randomly picked.  We have a total of nearly 6,400 names that we have submitted and have documentation on.  As we receive more funding, we will place more walls.

2.   Q: How do I submit a name to be placed on the wall? A: Provide documentation (DD214 or other documentation as applicable at time of service) and name to Wall of Honor Committee. (provide address, web address, email, etc., for submittal)

3.   Q: I saw my name on the wall, but do not remember submitting any information or documentation to the WOH committee, how did you get my information?  A: We have researched county records (Red Book) and other sources and have tried to be as inclusive as possible to any records we have publicly available.

4.   Q: Someone said that you had to pay to get your name placed on the wall.  Is this true?  No.  Although we are thankful for any donations we receive, donations do not guarantee placement of a name on the wall.  Names are chosen randomly as we gather money to raise another wall.  All names that we have on record will eventually be placed upon the wall regardless of donations by individuals providing we have necessary funding to place the walls. 

5.   Q: How can I give to the Wall? A: You can make donations at our various Fundraisers throughout the year or directly by contacting one of our Committee members. You can also make a donation by mailing your donation to our address on the Fundraising/Donations page.

6.   Q: When do you expect to have the next section up? A: We plan on putting the next section up as soon as we have the money in the bank to do so.

7.   Q: How much does a wall cost? A: The wall currently in place cost the WOH $25,000 (just for the wall itself).  Future walls are anticipated at similar cost; however wall costs may vary depending on the market at the time of erection.

8.   Q: When will my name be on the wall? A: There are 1608 names per wall.  Right now we have about 6,400 names.  By the time we have the fourth wall up, all names we currently have should be on the wall.  We have made provisions to include all names we currently have plus room for expansion as we receive more names and for future veterans.

9.   Q: How can I find documentation to place someone’s name on the wall if I do not have any?  A: You can contact the Veterans Administration, County records, or other public records.  Additionally there are some resources such as Ancestry.com that sometimes have some of this information listed and documented.

10.   Q: I believe I found a mistake on the wall, who do I let know? A: Every effort has been made to check and double check names, dates of service, spelling, branch of service, etc.  If you believe you found a mistake on the wall, please let the WOH committee know. We will research this and let you know what we find out.

11.   Q: I placed items at the Wall of Honor in memory of a veteran. They are no longer there. What happened to them? A: Don't worry, they are not thrown away or destroyed! We pick up items left at the Wall on the 1st and 15th of every month. We keep those items in our possession so that one day we will have a proper place to display them with the respect and honor they deserve.

12.   Q: What is the physical address of the Wall of Honor? A: 660 US-441 Business, Cornelia, GA 30531