Habersham County Veterans Wall of Honor

Development of the Habersham County Veterans Wall of Honor Park will be conducted in Phases as funds are raised to complete each.  The following are the proposed phases, with Phase I already completed:

Phase I

·         Flags have been erected at the entrance to the park

·         Entrance granite wall with the name of the park completed

·         Electrical lighting has been installed for the flags

Phase II
·         Walls of Honor created and erected
·         Pathways created (including installation of memory bricks)

Phase III
·         Landscaping of the park

Phase IV
·         Parking graded and paved 

This is the proposed drawing of what the memorial area of the Habersham County Veterans Wall of Honor will resemble once completed. It will include black granite walls with our Veterans names engraved, granite benches, and stepping stones providing a path throughout.

The Memorial Park will be completed in phases as the required funds are raised for each step in the process.


PHASE I consists of the erected entrance wall welcoming visitors into the Park.  It is black granite engraved with the name of the park.  It is 12' long, 4' high and 1' thick.  It weighs approximately 4,000 pounds.

Additionally, lighting is provided so that the flags will always be lit at night.  It includes the United States flag with the POW flag together on the same pole.  All military branch flags are mounted on their own flag pole.  The United States flag is on a 40' pole.  All military branch flags are on a 25' pole.

The completion of Phase I cost approximately $10,000.  We have the following people in our community who pledged to provide the following:

  • Woodmen of the World donated the US flag and flagpoles
  • Jason Smith has drawn up the plans for the park at no charge

Our biggest cost for Phase I was the wall.  We planned several fund raising events to collect the necessary funds to complete Phase I.  Please watch the Fundraising/Donations link for more information.  Once the funds were raised for Phase I, it took approximately 30 days to complete it.  We had all necessary contributions by mid-summer 2014! 

Without the generous donations from our community, all of this would not be possible.  Please visit the Fundraising/Donations page to see how to make donations!

The flags must be replaced annually to keep them in presentable condition at a cost of $320.00 for the complete set. The following businesses have pledged new flags for the corresponding years:

  • K & K Auto Sales - 2016

  • Hames & Co. - 2017

  • Fender's Diner - 2018

  • Hayes of Baldwin - 2019

  • Billy Cain Ford - 2020

If you or your company wish to sponsor flags for subsequent years, contact the Habersham County Veterans Wall of Honor Committee, or mail your donation to the address on the Contact page. Be sure to designate on your check that the donation is for new flags and state which year you would like to sponsor.

If you have Google Earth loaded on your personal computer, click on the link below to see an actual view of the Habersham County Veteran's Wall of Honor site!  If you don't have Google Earth, a JPG image of the drawing is included as well.  These links are both courtesy of Jason Smith.

HCVWoH Google Earth Link

HCVWoH JPG Image Link